Events & Actions


SURJ Marin Quarterly Gathering!

June 18, 2022, 1:00 – 3:00 pm PST. Peri Park (16 Park Rd) in Fairfax Outside and in person! A quarterly update meetup to Show Up for Racial Justice: Connect with neighbors who share your passion for justice, Get the latest update on the state

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Take Racial Justice Action anytime!

Do you want to take Racial Justice ACTION anytime, on your own time? Check out our Action News! It’s a curated list of events and actions from organizations outside SURJ Marin that are available to you on your schedule.  Click to learn more! Action News

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Action Hour – 12-1pm Mondays

Feeling ready to take anti-racist action and unsure where to start? You can take action via the Action Hour Agenda or sign up for our Newsletter for weekly updates! Join SURJ Marin every Monday, at 12pm for a weekly Hour of Action. We meet over Zoom

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Study and Action

Do you want to feel more confident in conversations about race and racial justice? Do you want to connect more deeply with others in the Marin community who seek to take action? If so, we hope you’ll consider joining us to explore many topics, including:

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Help Us Get Armed Police Out of Schools

In alliance with Movement4BlackLives, SURJ Marin is actively working to remove police officers known as “school resource officers” (SRO’s) from schools throughout the county. This is a chapter-wide campaign, and we are encouraging everyone involved with SURJ Marin to participate in our many activities designed to achieve this goal. The campaign focuses on the need for community-based solutions to safety, including bringing more mental health professionals and restorative justice programs into school communities to provide the support  that SRO’s are poorly trained to offer.

White students in Marin are rarely targeted by SRO’s, and thus white families tend to see SRO’s as a benign presence in the county.  By contrast, research shows that SRO’s in schools lead to the criminalization of BIPOC students, directly contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline, and negatively impact the learning opportunities and capacities of BIPOC youth. SRO’s do not make schools safer however.  No SRO has ever prevented a school shooting. And local BIPOC youth have made it clear that, for them, having police in schools is oppressive and harmful. The SURJ Marin campaign is part of a larger coalition that includes M4BL, the Marin Antiracist Coalition, and local BIPOC youth.

For more information on how you can get involved in the SURJ Marin SRO campaign, please follow us on our Facebook page and watch for upcoming action items in our weekly newsletter.

SURJ is available to come speak about race at your next organizational meeting or social gathering. Email us!