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Law enforcement is given enormous power, and oversight is necessary to ensure that power is just and equitable. Unlike police, sheriffs are elected by voters and have no immediate supervision. They are accountable only to the voters. That is why independent, meaningful oversight is necessary to bring accountability, transparency, and greater racial equity to Marin County.

SURJ Marin is a chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) — a national network organizing white people for racial justice. We learn and act together for change and take our lead from organizations and leaders of color in Marin.

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‘What is SURJ Marin?’

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Introducing Evening Action Hour!

Join us on the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month to take action for racial justice. SURJ Marin facilitators will guide participants through a variety of actions for equity in Marin County and beyond.  We meet over Zoom and provide concrete steps you can take –

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Take Racial Justice Action anytime!

Do you want to take Racial Justice ACTION anytime, on your own time? Check out our Action News! It’s a curated list of events and actions from organizations outside SURJ Marin that are available to you on your schedule.  Click to learn more! Action News

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Video About SURJ Marin

About Surj marin

SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals working to bring more white people into the movement for racial justice. SURJ has been in Marin since the summer of 2017 when a small but mighty group of white community members saw the need to join with local communities and leaders of color in working against the racial disparities in the county. Shortly after that, we began to offer a variety of learning and action opportunities.

Since our early days, we have expanded in order to broaden our reach and we remain 100% volunteer led. Join us for a workshop, book discussion, rally, or other event. Together we can make positive change in Marin and beyond.

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