Accountability Partners

Building Relationships

SURJ Marin allocates 75% of our gross donations to these current partners: Multicultural Center of Marin and Marin City Health & Wellness Center. You can donate!

Like many other SURJ groups, we are steadily building relationships with local organizations of color in our shared work for collective liberation. Part of that building is making sure that while we are calling white people into anti-racism work, we are not profiting from the oppression of people of color; but instead we are actively moving resources into communities of color.

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Multicultural Center of Marin

The Multicultural Center of Marin works with diverse immigrant and underserved communities of Marin County in advancing their social, cultural, and economic well-being through self-empowerment programs that encourage participation in the broader civic life of U.S. society.

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Marin City Health & Wellness Center

The Marin City Health and Wellness Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center. This organization began in 2006 from a grassroots movement demanding culturally appropriate healthcare. African Americans face higher rates of disease and death – from diabetes to childbirth – and most are preventable conditions. Systemic racism in our medical system contributes to these inequities. Thanks to community best practices and locally available care, Marin City residents have had far lower incidences of COVID than many communities in the country.

Listing these organizations as “partners” does not necessarily mean these organizations endorse our work. It means we are seeking ways to show up and conspire with them as often and as honestly as possible. We have shifted resources to these organizations in a number of ways including paying speakers of color who come and educate attendees at SURJ events, soliciting SURJ participants for financial support for both organizations and individual organizers of color, and taking on projects/financial/resource support work when asked by these organizations. We encourage you to support these organizations and follow their work online!