You can support the efforts of the SURJ Marin chapter by making a donation!

SURJ Marin divests 75% of our net donation proceeds to our accountability partners: Canal Welcome Center and Marin City Community Services District.

           Canal Welcome Center

The Canal Welcome Center serves Canal Community residents, immigrants and low-income families of Marin County in advancing their social, cultural, and economic well being and participating fully in the broader civic life of U.S. society.

                 Marin City Community Services District
Marin City is an Inclusive, Safe, Healthy, Thriving, and Environmentally Conscious community where all youth, adults, and seniors have an opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
To this end, Marin City Community Services District provides public parks and recreation, street lighting, and refuse collection services to Marin City residents. Further, The District provides public leadership in all matters that affect the community, including economic development, education, health and wellness, public safety, physical infrastructure, transportation, zoning, signage, land use planning, housing, and redevelopment.

SURJ Marin is a project of Syzygy Dance Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Make your check payable to Syzygy Dance Project & note SURJ Marin in the memo line:

Syzygy Dance Project
PO Box 2532
Sausalito, CA 94966